Why you need to consider a West Coast Swing Event Promo Video

Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) believes that within five years most of what people consume online will be video, subsuming words and photographs, which is why a West Coast Swing event promo video can only become more and more important.

But why care about what Mark Zuckerburg thinks?

It can be easy for Event Directors to look past Facebook as the most important tool in your marketing box, after all, flyers, word of mouth, and repeat customers have worked well so far.  Why add more work, and more cost?

Firstly, Facebook matters because, 68% of ALL Americans use Facebook (and actually, that equals 79% of every American who is online).  Over three-quarters of the US population… let that sink in.  So, Facebook is very important to your marketing strategy, which in turn, makes video very important to your marketing strategy.

Recent data from the website Buzzsumo shows that since Facebook announced the summer of 2015 that they were going to give more prominence to video content over links shared, the number of video shares has skyrocketed.

This means that people are more likely to share a video than they are a page or a website link, and it also means that Facebook is more likely to show a video to your page fans, rather than a link post or a photo post.

Think about your own behaviour on Facebook.  What captures your attention most when you are quickly scrolling through your home feed? More than likely it is a video that starts to autoplay as you scroll by, and if that video has people dancing WCS, you are probably likely to give it a second glance, right?  And if it was shared by one of your Westie friends?  Even more so!  

Here are some examples of great promo videos for West Coast Swing events.

Produced by WestieMarketing

Produced by WestieMarketing

Produced by Penu Adventures

Produced by Penu Adventures

Produced by the Swing City Chicago team

Produced by Kirsten Shaw for Upstate Dance Challenge

Produced by DanceJam Productions

What else can a West Coast Swing Event Promo Video Do?

A great event promo video can do so much for your event.

*Showcase the unique aspects of your event (pool party, costumes, live music……etc) 

*Highlight the incredible staff you have hired 

*Show past attendees enjoying themselves

*Give insight into the atmosphere of the event that future attendees can expect

*Give people a look at your beautifully designed ballroom

*People spot people they know in the video, leading to social proof that it is a great event.

Appendix of stats referenced above

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