Services We Offer

Event Website

Your event website is the hub of your event.  Attendees need to be able to easily find information when they arrive, easily find registration information, and have the most up to date information on the event.

A modern, responsive website with strong design gives a great first impression to anyone considering coming to your event for the first time, too!
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Thanks to Facebook’s event platform, it really is the social media hub of any event, no matter if your typical attendee is 20 or 60!

Having a thriving community talking about your event on Facebook is the key to making your event viral.  All westies want to be where their friends are, and where the action is and a vibrant Facebook event page demonstrates that to your community and beyond.

Facebook paid marketing

Facebook offers a ton of low cost, smart ways to build your audience, promote your event, and keep past attendees in the loop – Westie Marketing will ensure you are set up for success in this area.

Email Marketing

E-mail is the number one communication channel for event marketing, and yet so many Event Directors simply don’t have the time to maintain regular communication with their past attendees and interested new attendees – what a lost opportunity! Westie Marketing will make sure these people don’t forget your event as soon as final awards are done.
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Online Strategy

We have years of experience using online tools to leverage sales.  Combining the power of your website, email, and social media for ticket sales success is key, and WestieMarketing has the experience to think strategically about how best to use these tools for your unique event.  No one size fits all!

Live Event Social Media Updates and Broadcasts

Keeping event attendees up to date on last minute changes and additions to your schedule can be done on social media.   Live streaming of shows and unique event activities is a way to build buzz with people at home who chose not to attend.  Guess where they will be next year?  Your event!

Post Event Survey

Yep, it’s painful.  You are exhausted after the event ends, and you don’t want to think about it again for at least a couple of days.  WestieMarketing will have your post event survey ready to go immediately after the event, so you can capture valuable feedback while it is fresh in attendees minds.

Next steps?

Contact Clare at to discuss your event needs and find out more about compensation ideas for these services.  Let’s get creative and help each other achieve our goals.